Hey there! My name is Francesco, founder of AVIE Athletics. I'm a business school graduate, currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a new business, we have a vision. And with our vision, comes a mission.

People always ask me: “Why did you start AVIE?”

Well... let’s go back, way back – to when I was only a toddler. I’ve been told by a very good source (hi, mom & dad), that I was a picky kid. I would be constantly asking questions, trying to find solutions to things I wanted to improve. I would behave this way concerning many things, but in particular my clothes.  Not only did the clothes need to be soft to the touch, but they had to fit comfortably on my skin. If the clothing did not pass my softness and comfort test, I would refuse to wear them. I was just a pure joy to dress!

As I got older, the feel and comfort of fabric remained important to me, especially in athletic wear. I became serious about eating nutritiously, living a healthy life, and working out. In our hectic lives, carving out time to exercise can be challenging.  Moving your body plays a huge part in staying healthy, so as long as you’re moving, you're on the right track!

You could just wear that pair of old sweat pants and worn-out t-shirt - it gets the job done. Here's the problem though, when you start sweating, you'll be dying to take those sticky, sweat-soaking clothes off. You don't want to wear clothing that ends up hindering your workout.

This is where our mission comes into play. Finding the time and energy to exercise is enough to add onto your already busy schedule. Let us worry about the perfect athletic wear for you. You'll be exercising in comfort and style.

The AVIE mission: Achieve Victory In Excellence

Our athletic wear is crafted with the purpose of providing you with clothing that not only supports, but encourages you to exercise. You can push yourself harder than before, knowing that you're wearing premium athletic wear that offers lightweight 4-way stretch and made with fabrics that are treated with sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial technologies. Our quality fabric blends provide the perfect balance of comfort and performance, making sure you can reach your potential without limitations.

We're here to help! We create our athletic wear with you in mind and welcome your feedback. We hope you join the AVIE family by letting us fulfill your athletic wear needs and sharing your success stories with us. Whether you're an avid athlete or a first time jogger, tag your stories with #avieathletics for a chance to win 10% off your next purchase!

Our goal is to encourage you to achieve victory, wearing excellence.